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  1. Hi there.
    I just read your blog and I want to help in any way I can.
    I am a Web developer and will donate some of my time to help you if that is something you are interested in?
    Much better than WordPress I can hardly read what I’m typing here.
    Anyway I share your pain I was once in the same trap and want to put something good back into the community. You have raised awareness in something that’s really needed in this country I raise my hat to you and good work!

    Kind regards
    Andy mclaughlan

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  2. Hi Kathleen, Many times people go through a horrible set of challenges, often all rolled in to one.
    I totally relate to this as my life was completely turned inside out when I was a single parent and ill.
    You have been amazing through this, stay hopeful and how fantastic you are now writing and a voice to
    Be heard. You Will come through this Absolutely. X


  3. Hi Kathleen,

    I read your recent blog posts regarding your financial situation and the difficulties of living in poverty and I noticed you had some offers of financial help from people, some who seemed quite offended you didn’t want to accept them. I understand completely your reasons for not accepting help, especially in light of the internet trolls who’ll twist and spin it into something negative.

    But I was wondering if you’d heard of the website patreon? It’s a site that allows fans to become patrons of writers or artists etc that they like and I thought it may be an acceptable alternative to donations for you? People wanting to help can sign up and contribute whatever they decide and in return you keep writing, and can reward or thank your patrons with extra blog posts, sneak peeks of your next book etc.

    I have several friends who use the service, artists and game developers, and some of them have been able to move from living in womens shelters to their own flats with the extra boost the site gave them. And there’s no way an ill meaning troll could twist this into a negative as you’re providing your patrons with something in return for their support.

    Apologies if this is unwelcome, but its a new site and I thought that if you hadn’t heard of it that it might be something that would be a viable option for you and your family.

    I hope you have a wonderful day, and best of luck.


  4. Hi Kathleen,

    I saw this article and immediately thought of your blog after reading it this morning. It really moved me, and no one more than you deserves a decent comfortable life whereby a cup of coffee from a cafe shouldn’t be regarded as a treat. My mother for a few years lost the wage of my Dad and struggled financially but always managed to put food on the table for three hungry teenagers. I commend you and your family, and hope the article I’ve posted is of interest xx Helena


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  5. I’ve just bought your book, and have emailed my MP about these benefit “grey zone” that no one in Government seems to be able to get their heads around. I hope that helps. I am now in a panic that I have perhaps moved you in to a different tax bracket and should have just donated a tenner via your page. I was trying to help!


  6. Found you through your wonderful discussion on poverty. Only now just realised you are also a fantasy writer, which is my favourite genre.
    I’ll start with into the woods, kindle (because I am in the process of moving Houses, and I never again wish to carry another box of books in my life ! )
    Also, as someone who is partaking an online writing course, I’d love to get your opinion on common pitfalls that seem to plague my writing.
    Many thanks.

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